Radix Roofing offers both roof repair and new roof services, including replacing your existing roof and installing roofs on additions and new construction.

A building’s roof is its first barrier against adverse weather.


The gutters help in regulating the flow of water down your roof during heavy downpours.
This makes entering and leaving a building during rainy season easy.

. Loose debris removal. Remove any branches, leaves or other debris that can accumulate on a roof

Siding Replacement & Repair Houston, TX

The roof on your home is the most important shield that protects you and your family from the outside elements of Texas weather. Knowing this, your roof is especially vulnerable to things like age, hail, wind and storm damage, extreme heat, leaks, and so much more, which could breach the safety that your roof provides for your home.

Having a leak coming through your building’s roof can be detrimental to business. That’s why we offer complete commercial roof repair services. We can repair leaks, shingle damage, and more for your flat roof system.